Friday, December 13, 2013

The 3rd and final Malaysian post...

I have no idea what this fruit is!  It had a mildly odd but not offensive taste.  The fruits were about 2 feet long, so much bigger than durian.

A backstreet

Someone asleep in the backstreet... 

Fabric shop for Mum !

Roti cooking

The bill for 2 chilli roti, water, a rice-doughnut, and curry sauce.  This converted to about $1.70 Australian!


Malaysian sweets

Market stalls

Weird cats with half-tails, that weren't very happy when I approached to photograph them

Mosque - we didn't go inside, I was afraid to venture through the door as I didn't know if there were rules against me - and B refused to go ask.

And then, with blistered feet from all the walking, we made our way back through customs (me with my new Malaysian Converse) and back onto the bus to wind our way back to our starting point.  At which stage we started yet more walking, but this will be in a post to come...

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