Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brisbane airport, 3000m in smoke, due to North Stradbroke Island burning. 

Apparently they evac'd a whole load of people from the island, but I haven't looked that up, so it's really only gossip factor...

Everyone in Brisbane was having to do instrument approaches due to the smoke, breaking visual at less than 1000' to go - we saw the lights at 800'.

Had a long first day back at work after almost 2 weeks off!  Diverted back into Brisbane with an indication problem - wasn't affecting the flight but would have grounded us in Moranbah due to a lack of engineers there.  So then had to do lots of extra flight planning - and factor in lots of extra storms and added passengers from another flight, which respectively required extra fuel and made us overweight...  busy times.  So, I got home around midnight (instead of 20:00.

Tomorrow is Sarah and Jon's last day here, and hopefully we can do something fun, although right now our plans are in disarray due to brunch with friends being cancelled, and my late finish.  I figure I'll wake up at some stage when I've had enough sleep, and go from there :)

and now I must sleep because it is almost 0100...  


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