Sunday, January 26, 2014

The first mango

It's finally sprouted!  I have to say I forgot to check the pots these last few days, so I don't know exactly how long it took.  But there it is!  In all its splendour and glory, and the second pot - that I planted one day later - has one small sprout and a cracking mound of earth where the second seed was buried.  

The two Kensington Pride mangoes were planted a few days later, and they have yet to appear.  I'm still hopeful!  These first two mangoes are from mono-embryonic seed which means they will grow one tree each, and the KP seeds are poly-embryonic.  Apparently you are supposed to keep the weKest seedling from each seed as these are most likely to be clones of the 'mother tree' !  Weird, huh?

In other news, on Friday I go to Auckland for my six monthly Inquisition / sim check, and today I need to start studying.  Last time I gave it about a month, and this time I'm giving it five days, so either I have come on in leaps and bounds and amazing, or else I am demotivated and just don't care enough.  I figure I'm amazing.

My macbook pro has chosen this stressful week in my life to give up the ghost, so i can't access any of my updated manuals.  Thankfully I do have the old ones on my ipad, so hopefully not too much has changed...  I am waiting for the apple store to get in a new hard drive so that I can get this thing fixed!  My life is worthless without a laptop...haha

Right, I must stop procrastinating and get back to work... 


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