Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm in Auckland, and I'm stressing out.

There is really no good reason for this, as I have been to the simulator countless times, and I am pretty sure I will remember my sequences... But I'm still stressing out, because I am a stress pot, and that's what stress pots do.  

29 minutes until we gather downstairs to face our doom, and I'm stressing out.  i could spend this time studying, but what?  if I don't know it already, it's too late, and maybe it doesn't help my stress levels that I gave pre-sim study a week instead of my normal month... *cue evil laugh*

I also forgot to water my mangoes.  Must remember to ask my housemate to give them a good soaking.  Apparently mangoes should alternate between extreme dry and extreme wet, so I figured once weekly watering would work well - this is of course assuming that I remember to water them once a week... Heh heh.

Well, they're building a gallows outside my cell, and I've got 25 minutes to go... 
And the whole town's waiting to hear me yell, I've got 24 minutes to go...
Well they gave me some beans for my last meal, with 23 minutes to go
But nobody asks me how I feel, with 22 minutes to go

And so on...

A very sensible song to listen to on a day like this!!!

we who are about to die salute you, etc. ad infinitum.


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