Friday, January 3, 2014

I don't like seafood.

So last night, we went to a seafood restaurant, in Redcliffe.  The rest of the group adore seafood, and I thought oh that's fine, I'll have a steak...

However, it really affects steak when you see evil crab eyes that are staring back at you, and many-legged prawns and Moreton bay bugs... and when you try a piece of mango and find a prawn antennae stuck in your mouth...


I really don't like seafood.

I don't know why, I mean, it's pretty irrational.  I don't actually know what most seafood tastes like, but it smells, and seriously, why would you want to eat something like that?

Sarah took endless photos of it all.  Like, really, why would you want a photograph of something that gross?

I did try the breaded barramundi, but it tasted fishy.  I only like fish that isn't fishy, and it didn't take long for me not to be hungry any more, while the crack-crack-crack of crab legs and the slurp of gooey oysters went on all around me.

But, apparently it was very enjoyable to Kurt, Sarah & Jon, so that's good.

Next time, I get to pick the venue.

The End.

PS  I might even attach a photo of the gruesomeness once Sarah uploads the pictures from her camera !

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