Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another pictureless post

Today is my first day at work.  That said, I don't really have to work - I'm just sitting in the jumpseat pretending to be useful.  My roster yesterday looked pretty favourable with lots of reserve and plenty of days off at the weekends.  Today, everything has changed and apparently I don't get days off any more.  We shall see about that!

Anyway, tonight I am overnighting in Rocky, followed by many more similar duties, which I suppose is good for the salary but not the best for me!  In fact, next week I have six days of work including five overnights - which is just a little over the top!

Housemate 1 is in Auckland for the weekend which is great - for us - so it is nice letting the hair down at home.  Housemate 2 got a new (old) car yesterday so she is very happy about that.  Housemate 3 plans to spend the weekend surfing, and I am very jealous!  Everyone is meeting up on Sunday to go surfing, except for Yours Truly.  

Next weekend the plan is to go to an island south of Brisbane for the weekend.  This island is about 50 minutes drive south of Brizzy, and then a 40 minute ferry trip.  I am only off on Saturday so I am trying to find some people who also just want to go for the day trip!  Apparently there is lots of whale watching, turtles, etc etc which should be pretty awesome.  I have yet to see any proper Australian wildlife, as yesterday we were supposed to go to a nature reserve and it didn't work out.

I am sorry to have been such a horrible blogger, but holiday has been epic, and the blog hasn't been the first thing on my mind.  Now, however, with endless hours vegetating on the jumpseat, I have little else to do.  Yes, I am still complaining, Thank You Very Much.

During my Extremely Epic two week holiday, I have been to Rockhampton, experimented with marshmallow sparklers, been horse riding (I do have pictures that I WILL share at some stage!), been surfing twice, driven on awesomely rutted roads with my delicate little Corolla, generally chilled out and had a great time - and of course hugely missed everyone at home in the Emerald Isle.  I really wish I could combine Australia with Ireland but I think it is unlikely to happen!!!

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