Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sydney Pics Part 2

1. A building in sydney.

2.  Darling Harbour.  I was there.

3 onwards: views from the Westfield Tower, which towers above all other skyscrapers in Sydney and is basically just an observation tower with a cafe at the top.

(I've lost count) This picture may seem out of place but they were selling these in the gift shop at the tower - I didn't buy any, but thought it was pretty awesome.

(I've lost count 2)  An aborigine playing one of those loud and discordant wooden things that I can't remember the name of. of.  of.  

Sydney Opera House

Proof that I Woz 'Ere.

The awesome Hugs man.  Apparently it's something to do with random acts of kindness, but he seriously stood there all day... I was genuinely tempted to make my own sign saying "Hugs $5" and see whether I got any more...

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