Sunday, August 12, 2012

Horse Riding in Rocky

I never did update you guys on how the horse-riding in Rockhampton went.  I only rode for about 15 minutes but it was still fun, howbeit around in circles.  The first hurdle was obviously trying to get on the horse - made a lot easier with the steps! (no, I didn't try without)

Next, it was walking and learning how to make the horse move when I wanted it to move, and stop when I wanted it to stop.  The easy part was getting it to stop - the hard part trying to make it go forward.  I don't think Albie was too keen on having me on his back.

After learning how to make Albie turn left and right, I got to trot!  As in, I got to bounce up and down in the saddle with my teeth banging together... 

Finally began to master the up-down-iness of trotting, and then it was time to stop.

And finally, here is M with her horse, Albie. He is a retired race-horse.  I am actually hoping to get some horse-riding lessons, but work is sort of taking precedence at the moment!

By "finally", I mean that is the last horse picture in this series - the final picture is actually of a kitten, not of a horse.  


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