Thursday, October 24, 2013


For the record, and simply so that I don't forget the date, I must add that today I bought three more seedlings: a red capsicum, a cherry tomato, and a cucumber.

This afternoon, I am going up the coast with Kurt to have lunch with his cousin and her boyfriend.  The first stage of meet the family... will I survive this encounter intact?  Should I panic now and run a thousand miles?  Am I dressed suitably?  Are flip flops appropriate?

Also, the lawn needs mowing.

Also, I dug up most of the new carrot seeds to plant the cherry tomato plant.  This means that there may be one or two carrots that grow beside it, that could be interesting.

Did I mention that tomorrow morning we're going to Sydney and are going to spend the day with some hot lifeguards on Bondi Beach?  Unfortunately, it being Sydney, it's going to be considerably cooler than Brisbane, but I shall take a hoody and hope for the best...

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