Friday, October 11, 2013


This afternoon was spent in Mooloolaba (pronounced m'LOO-la-ba, not MOO-LOO-LAH-BAH as Si likes to call it).  Kurt didn't finish work until 1230 so we got a quick lunch and managed to make it up the coast by 1400, setting up the sun tent due to it being around 30 degrees today.

The sea was cold at first, I guess due to the temperature difference, but soon felt pleasantly warm, although the current was really strong and it was impossible for me to stay in the same place relative to the beach!  (Kurt didn't have this problem)

Then we dried off under the tent and then I decided it was getting chilly in the shade, so plonked myself down in the sun and Kurt semi buried me.

Sand butterfly.

The beach in the shade after our second swim.

Then we broke the Diet to have chips with chicken salt because they are amaaaaziiing up here, and sat on the beach wall and drank diet coke and ate chips and watched it get dark.

And then we went home and I frantically prepared food and filled a suitcase (not with food) for Singapore.

The End

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