Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's almost summer.

On cue, the storm clouds are moving in and the air is feeling heavy, hot and muggy.  Today we flew to Emerald, which is northwest of Brisbane, and not my favourite place in all the world.  At thirty-five degrees Celsius and variable wind, it is always bumpy from all of the convection, which makes controlling the airplane a little more interesting.

Oh yeah and I saw my first dust devil there today, swirling around near the  runway threshold.

Coming back into Brisbane, the clouds outclimbed us so we had to deviate east of track, and ended up routing into Brisbane from the northeast... then south to land on the northerly runway.  Almost a full circle!

The city from the east, tracking south to join a left circuit on to Runway 01.

And the sunset was rather nice at the house tonight so here is a picture of that, also.

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