Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Garden Update

Well, five out of the eight sunflower seeds I planted came up, in three locations.  I had planted two seeds at each location as the packet instructed, so I ended up transplanting two of the doubles to make a row of five.  Length of this row circa one metre.

The un-turned part of the soil (slightly more red) in the foreground of the picture is where the carrot seeds were planted.  As yet, I have no idea as to whether they are germinating or not - there are lots of little sprouts but they all look different and may be weeds...

The courgette plants are coming along nicely, although the bigger of the two is afflicted by what my sister tells me is sun spot, due to being watered while in direct sunlight.  Tsk tsk. Bad me.

And here are the tomato plants, also coming along nicely and way bigger than they were when I bought them!  Hurrah for my amazing gardening skills (ie watering them and hoping for the best).

This random insect is apparently a stink bug, which you don't want to touch, because then you will stink as well.  So I just took a photograph of it instead.


  1. Looking good, and said sister may even get to eat of the fruit of your labours!

  2. carrot seeds look like tiny grasses when they germinate - a v shape with two little grassy-looking thin leaves.

  3. Looks like I was wrong!
    Retreats :(