Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Small pie dishes are impossible to locate.  I must have gone into about six different kitchen stores yesterday looking for a pie dish, and they were all at least nine inches diameter - which is a lot of apple pie for two people.  It's fine if you want a lot of pie, and want to spend the next couple of days eating left over pie (I'm sure Dad can't see the problem here) but when you're trying to only eat carbs/sugar once a week, it's too much pie.  In the last store, however, they had individual pie dishes in packs of two - perfect!

They still managed to make a lot of pie, as they ended up being big pies vertically... even though only about five or six inches across, so the second pie is frozen for next time.

Oh, and by the way, it was delicious.

Ingredients:  Short-crust pastry (190g flour, 90g butter, 2 tbsp sugar, 50ml water), 5 Granny Smith apples (can't find cooking apples here), 1tsp brown sugar per pie filling, shake of cinnamon.

Also, thanks to Sarah for her awesome stuffed chicken breast recipe - 2 large chicken breasts, butterflied... then fry a finely diced slice of bacon with a finely diced 1/4 onion and then mix it with 125g cream cheese... stuff the chicken breasts, close together with cocktail sticks, and bake for 30 minutes.  MMMMMM

<---The garden continues to grow.... I'm going to take photos every few days, because I'm obsessive.  I'm pretty sure the plants are bigger than in the last photo... right????

And yes, the lawn needs mowing, I know.

Penelope's decapitated stem is now surrounded by three mini flowers, isn't that awesome?

Dad, do you like the special microlite foam & insulated tape ties that are holding the sunflowers up?

And here is my new baby!  See it?  No, not the toaster, or the kettle.  The only problem being that I got home and found that the graduated pusher was missing!  Fortunately, this was a complete accident, and the lady (who was really nice) has found it and says I can pick it up any time.  Phew!  

She also managed to sell me a slow cooker and a hydraulic swivel chair for my computer desk, which I need to clean, but for twenty and fifteen bucks respectively... sweet deal !

Oh, I also managed to spend an awful lot of money just shopping for me, because I was in a spendy mood, and that's always a good time to spend a morning in a shopping centre...

Did I mention that my garden is AMAAAZIIIIING??????????


  1. Size of pie dish? But I thought pie was a constant?

  2. Nice sunflower ties! Very innovative.