Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Me Day

I have decided that today is a me day.  Already, today is almost over, but it’s been really good.  For a start, I haven’t done anything work related today.  It’s strange actually, because it actually makes me feel guilty!  
I must also make a confession.  I haven’t taken any photos since I got home from Auckland.  Therefore, I have no photos to share!  When I’m at work, I am technically supposed to be working, so I haven’t taken any photos.  When I’m at home, there isn’t really anything to take photos of (insert dangling preposition disclaimer).  
Today, I did very little.  I did some grocery shopping which could be classified as profitable, as this morning I looked in the cupboard and saw it was bare.  In fact, I have looked in the cupboard for the last four or five days and seen that it was bare.  This did not motivate me enough to do grocery shopping, but today I decided that as really I was running out of excuses, I should make myself at least somewhat useful.
Other than that... there isn’t really anything to blog about!  I could tell you more about the grocery shopping... but I’m afraid I could lose a lot of readers that way.  In fact, I’ll probably lose readers simply by blogging about a day in which I did nothing, although that is presuming that I have readers in the first place...  
So far I have flown for three days.  Three extremely long days, which have been pretty exhausting.  It’s all very full on, and a lot to process.  I think it’s finally coming together although there is still a lot of work for me to do - but not today.  
Tomorrow is a day off as well, although it will not be a me day.  Unfortunately, I must get back to the books and study for my last five days of line training followed by my line check on Thursday.  So much to do, so little time to do it in, so now I must get back to doing nothing!
Sorry to bore you with such an incredible post full of nothingness, but you wanted to hear something!  
If anyone wants me to blog about anything in particular... drop a comment and i shall do my best to fill you in!

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