Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Surf Day

This morning, I got up bright and early to go surfing!  Well, it wasn't exactly bright when I got up (0700), but I was told that we were leaving at 0800 so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss my lift.  However, we didn't actually leave until about 0930 so I was a little bit frustrated as I'm sure most of you know how much I dislike mornings...

It took about 1h30 to drive down to Currumbin Beach.  This is just south of Surfers' Paradise, and I'm sure if you really care you can google it.  It was chilly enough when we arrived around 1100, and it took a little while to warm up.

I don't have any photos of the first group going on the surf lesson.  This consisted of myself and 3 of the Spanish contingent.  We all had to lie on the sand and pretend we were on surf boards and learn how to stand up on them, etc.  I only have a picture of the surf instructor teaching J and his Spanish friend in the second group.  J was extremely embarrassed having to lie on the sand and do this, in front of the rest of us, so I felt that I really had to take a photo!

The lesson lasted for ninety minutes, and was really fun.  We were supplied with boards and wetsuits, and the waves were pretty gentle but good enough to be able to stand up and surf for a reasonable distance.  Nothing difficult, and I didn't even see any sharks, although there were plenty of little fishies swimming around in the waves.  The water was so clear and not particularly cold, although I was definitely appreciative of the wetsuit.

I'm sure you can tell in the above 3 photos that we were only posing and not actually doing any surfing at the time!  This was after the surf lesson, when we were just messing around.  The three of us then took the one remaining surf board out into the sea and messed around for thirty minutes.  All giggling hysterically, of course, trying to stand up on the surfboard all at the same time, and trying really hard to paddle it out to the waves but finding it impossible with all of us weighting it down... needless to say we didn't get very far!

There ends an extremely fun day out, and tomorrow I'm flying up to Rockhampton to visit a friend up there!  The schedule involves horse riding, popcorn, pizza, movies, shopping... what more could a girl ask for?  


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