Monday, March 6, 2017


It's true!  There are camels in Australia.  I know, because I saw one yesterday on the way to Rockhampton from Biloela (or "Bilo", as it's affectionately called by Aussies, who cannot give anything a name without shortening it), and I also saw ten wild emus and two (dead) kangaroos.  Pretty exciting.  Except for the kangaroos - that was a bit sad.  Apparently they die on the roads here all the time.  

I often see my friends up in Rocky on overnights and this time we went on a road trip to Biloela to get hay for their horses.  It's a lot cheaper there, and I can see why... nobody is likely to go there for any other reason.  Miles and miles and miles of brown dried up grass, with the occasional emu (or camel) hanging out, as you do.  The actual hay fields are automatically irrigated with great big stretching irrigation.

Part of an irrigation system demonstrating all there is to see in Biloela.

After that, we popped into KFC for refreshment (even the biggest hicks need Tender Loving Chicken) and headed back to Rocky.  

It was 40C too, so we spent as little time outside the car as possible - the short stint of hard work loading 44 small bales of hay into the horse float was enough for me!


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