Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tour of Australia

My manager suggested that I shouldn't throw myself under a bus, which seems like a fair idea.  Not that I was considering it, which is probably good.  We're expecting The Announcement we've all been waiting for to finally happen on Wednesday... but it could be pushed back yet again.  Which makes me wonder if my manager's comment was an omen of things to come...

I've just had three out of my four days off, with no work in sight.  I started off by donating blood with L (she almost fainted and they had to stop), then on day two we went rock climbing which was tons of fun but pretty fatiguing so soon after blood donating!  Lily threw up all over the car on the way there - that'll teach me not to take her out after a deworming tablet!  

Day three was today, and I woke up feeling horribly anxious with a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something bad was going to happen - completely irrational as nothing was going on, and I knew that, but it didn't make any difference.  Chocolate didn't help so I knew I needed to get out and get active.  I started off with some archery and managed to get a perfect grouping at 45m while sighting in my bow - chuffed!

They're low because I wound the bow up to a heavier poundages and was trying to see if my 40m pin would work for 45m (it didn't).

After shooting, and feeling incredibly sore because of rock climbing, R came over and we went off on his motorbike.

We went all the way up Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious and around Somerset Dam and it was all breathtaking - and very fast - and so I didn't get many pictures as I couldn't risk getting my phone out!

View from Mt Nebo towards the Great Dividing Range.

Somerset Dam and the bike.

We shall really have to go for a drive when Mum & Dad come out here.  

No memorable animal sightings to report - unless you count giant ant hills!

That brings us to the end of today - tomorrow is the club shoot for archery, so I'm getting an early night although I'm unsure of whether I will go, as I'm still incredibly sore.

Oh and regarding the title?  It insisted that I put something, and I've been talking for two days about driving off into the sunset with Lily if we get grounded for a few months.  More on that to come! 

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  1. Bring it on, all of the above. Somerset dam looks interesting and all those lakes and mountains around there. Are these lakes safe to swim in or are there the usual Australian sharks, spiders, crocs and wot not? This Great Dividing Range - I searched for it in G-maps and got a blank page with a marker thingy in the middle. So you can educate me when we arrive.