Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The last few

What have I been up to?  Rock climbing, archery, horse riding... so many fun activities!  Lily absolutely loves RockSports, everybody there loves on her so she is in her element, just waiting for the next cuddle.

A rare moment of no cuddling

Horse riding was Lily-less, as it was in Rocky, and probably better off that way.  Archery was the same: I'm pretty sure she's not allowed on the range and I wouldn't want her to get shot! 

She is however hands down the best thing ever.  I may have mentioned this before.


Everyone loves the Lily, so tonight she is cordially invited to my Connect group.  I swear they'd probably turn me away at the door if I didn't bring Lily!  

It's been a busy couple of weeks - work is manic at the moment as there are a lot of people off sick so I'm doing plenty of overtime.  $$$.  Also A is staying Tuesday nights as she is starting uni down south and it's easier for her than driving all the way home.

And the garden really really really needs weeding - Sarah, can you come and do it for me?

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