Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Maybe I should go find that bus.

Once again the announcement has been delayed for another week: I'm not sure why I started trusting them: never again!!!  I really feel for the people I know who are needing to sign rental agreements etc - how do you plan anything when you don't know what tomorrow holds? So incredibly frustrating!


The council have put a tree outside my house.  This is after promising yesterday that they wouldn't, and telling me that I could choose not to have a tree.  Plus, I paid for that turf they dug up!  Gah!  So unimpressed.

I'm also in Rocky, which is apparently all I do lately.  I get to go home on Thursday, after which I am going to see Raw performed by Queensland Ballet!  My bank gave me two free tickets as penance for messing up my home loan.  

On Friday, yet more fun and interesting things will happen, but if I told you what they were now, I would have nothing to blog about on Friday, would I?

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