Monday, March 27, 2017

The Just and the Unjust

Why do bad things happen to good people?  Yes, I am classifying myself as a good person here.  And yes, it is hard to type with a Lily on my lap who flails her head into my iPad every time she realises I'm not actually paying attention to her.  I have created a monster.


In response to my question, I don't believe they do.  The rain falls both on the just and the unjust, and I know an awful lot of people who have bad things happen to them.  That's what happens in life.  Good things happen and bad things happen, and right now the bad things are kind of piling up but if I stop and look around me, the good things start to shine.  Like this puppy dog who keeps banging her nose into my iPad, she's a good thing.  Like the roof over my head, that's a good thing.  A job that's still paying me, no matter what happens in the future - phew, that's a good thing.  Friends and family, both near and far, who are supporting me through this - well how can that possibly not be a good thing?

Yes, Lily, I said you were a good thing, you can stop licking me now.  

I did my annual medical yesterday and found it very hard to smile, having just found out about yet more changes at work (minor, but given my current state of mind, it just takes one raindrop to cause an overflow) and having had an argument with a colleague/friend about it.  The doctor was amazingly understanding of my circumstances and actually offered me the day off today, so that I could go to the fleet review meeting this afternoon, where we are hoping to learn more about what is going to happen.  I didn't even have to ask for it off - she simply decided that I needed it!  Hurrah for amazing doctors - see?  There's another good thing.

I have a friend whose marriage is falling apart in the middle of this fleet review and uncertainty about life in general, and the mess, friends.  How fortunate am I that I'm not in that situation.  That I've already dealt with so much, that I can be there and listen and just be there, for times like these.  That despite all the things, all the very things that seem to be happening and oh my, the overflow, I can step back and say - it could be so much worse.  How lucky am I, for what I have.  And hopefully I can share some of that, and witness, and just be there.

And in conclusion, friends, I still haven't been to the beach this week, and I have puppies to dog sit the next couple of days, but the weekend is on its way.  Cyclone permitting (Townsville is copping it right now) I shall be heading beachward.  I may even head up to Eumundi on Saturday and do some market-trawling.  So many options, so many things to see, and so much to enjoy.


Don't lose sight of the good! 

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  1. And that I have a baby daughter living in Oz and flying airplanes and not blown away by Debbie - that's good.