Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's Over

If I haven't replied I'm sorry, I've had a lot on my mind.  Questions seem too big to really answer and words sometimes don't come easily.  Today the result of the fleet review was announced, and as predicted, it wasn't good news.  By the middle of July, I will no longer be flying out of Brisbane.  What I will be doing completely remains to be seen.  

Will I move elsewhere in Australia?  New Zealand?  Back to Ireland?  I truly don't know and I have less than four months of flying ahead before the decision becomes very very real.  Well, it is all too real now but at least I have a little time.

I still want to be in the house for a year.  Hell, I still want to stay in the house forever, but that isn't an option.  Maybe a year will be.  At this stage they are not offering voluntary redundancy, but I'm sure that is something the unions will be discussing.  I have about three months of leave up my sleeve and if they did make redundancies available, that would get me my 12 months.

In good news, I had puppy sitting this afternoon and it was amazing.



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