Thursday, March 16, 2017

St Patrick's Day

Apparently I'm due a blog update, so happy St Patrick's Day one and all!  Although, to tell the truth I had completely forgotten 😳 and if it hadn't been for RKB posting on my wall, this day would have passed me by...

I think she's angry about the t-shirt.

This afternoon I'm doing a practise 737 sim with a friend who needs a sim partner to practise for his assessment day next week - which is actually now on the Embraer but I guess this will be different to the ATR.  If you remember, my MCC 9 years ago was on the 737-200.  Not that even I remember that.

In other news, the ballet last night was amazing.  We had pretty good seats...


...and it was actually the dress rehearsal so after each dance, they did practise bits with coaching which was fun to see.


One of the male dancers looked spookily like my Scottish cousin.


I'm pretty sure he's not a ballet dancer though.

Lily is still not impressed by the t-shirt.


Sorry, dear, but it's Paddy's day - someone's gotta wear green, and I choose you.  You're lucky I have no green hair chalk.

What next?  Well I have the weekend off, Saturday I have a birthday dinner to attend and I'll probably have C over to Netflix also.  Maybe even I'll bake some bread.  In fact, that seems like an excellent idea.

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  1. Is this a precursor to getting a rating for the 737? And what ballet did you go to see? Happy Paddy's day to you too! (and Lily)