Sunday, November 3, 2013

I can't believe it's already November.

Back home in Ireland, I imagine the leaves have turned golden and rust, and are coating the lawns and paths, ready to be raked up.  It will be fire in the hearyh weather, all bundled up in sweaters and scarfs, perhaps even a few blankets.

It was 31 degrees here today.

Last night, there was a command party put on by some of our newly upgraded captains.  It's a tradition in our company that when you get your first command position, the difference between your last first officer salary and first captain salary goes on a bar tab - for all of the other pilots to drink.  This time, we had six new captains providing drinks not just for the pilots but also the cabin crew and office staff, and it turned out to be a great party.  This morning, we got up late and lazed around for awhile, and then headed out to Bunnings to buy yet more stuff for my garden.

I even took some more pictures.

Here, in the first one, you can see four sunflower plants at the back - now about a foot tall - with a thin line of carrots in front of them, and then at the front some flowers - yes, I went there.  Marigolds and some random slightly cactus-y things, I can't remember what they're called.

At the other end of the garden, past the courgettes (zucchini) and tomatoes, we have the beans at the back, with a newly-erected frame in case they need something to lean against.  Nine out of the eleven seeds sprouted, which is pretty good going.  To the left of the line of beans, is the fifth sunflower, which I transplanted this morning (it was getting cut off by the courgettes) and it is looking rather sad and wilted as a result.  Under the wigwam is the cucumber plant, to its right is an eggplant and then the red capsicum, which has several tiny still-green capsicums on it now.  And all around the edge are more marigolds, petunias, and the cactus-y things.

Here are the tomatoes and courgettes.  There are five courgettes on the plants now, unfortunately most of the flowers appear to be male, but google says that this is normal, so I live in hope of more fruit.  In between the tomatoes I have planted some basil, which apparently keeps flies away from the tomatoes and also helps them taste good !    In between the wooden chopsticks are a few more carrots.  Yes, they are actually chopsticks.

You may notice the pretty little metal & ceramic bead butterfly in two of the photos... I fell in love with it and decided it had to join the plants in my garden.  :)

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