Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yesterday was Kurt's birthday, so I made him a cake.  Actually, I made him two cakes, because I decided that one cake just wasn't hacking it.  I then chopped off the top of both of the cakes and sandwiched them together to make one big cake.  Obviously, the question was what to put in the middle?  I am not a fan of too much butter icing (I think it gets too sickly) but neither am I keen on putting jam in a cake, so when a friend suggested raspberries and cream, it was a go-er.

Oh yeah, and I bought this awesome cake box which has a cake plate with handles... solves getting the cake in and out of the box perfectly - and the handles fold under the plastic plate and clip in place, so that they don't look ugly any more.

Here is the first layer, complete with cream and whole (flattened) raspberries.

The cake!  My first proper piping experience... and the white chocolate writing was extremely difficult - probably because I was doing it wrong...

Different angle of cakeness.

Inside :)

Oh, and did I mention that it was delicious?  Although Kurt said it could have done with a little more icing.  Hehe.

Did I mention that I met his parents on his birthday?  Yeah.  Well.  It went fine actually, although he said I was freaking out about it and I claimed not to be.  Was I?  Will I ever tell this story?  Probably not.

I think he had a good day, although it's hard to get the truth out of him there :)

TTFN !!!

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