Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Garden Grows

Well, as I said, C made me jealous by adding some length to his garden, so I did the same to mine.  That brown expanse with two lonely plants?  My new garden.

The two plants are, yet again, zucchini/courgette.  The old plants - which you can actually see top right of this picture - are almost at the end of their fruiting, so it was time to start afresh.  I don't think C likes my zucchini plants, as they mean he has to go around them when he mows :)

Also at the top of the new patch is one of the tomatoes that used to be in a pot, and a new capsicum plant and a few new flowers (such as gerbera daisies)

Obviously, being that I like my garden to be compact, I have planted the flowers way too close together as the signs on the pots suggested 30cm and I have given them about 5cm... hehehe *evil laugh*

Here is a pretty butterfly, my cherry tomato, two of the large tomato plants, some lettuces, basil, flowers, capsicum (far left) and the beginning of the bean row (top left)

The poor suffering courgette plants, still flowering away, but their bodies beginning to mould and faint away...  sugar-snap peas planted behind, and raspberry plant top left.

The sunflowers - the tallest now at a staggering 150cm - nothing on C's 240cm, but I think mine have a ways to go yet!  At the bottom of the sunflowers are planted the carrots - you can just see them - and you can see the raspberry plant to their left, and flowers planted in front.

I forget the name of this flower and I refuse to go outside again to look at the tag.  It's sort of cactus-y.


Sugar-snap peas close up.