Thursday, November 7, 2013

I used to live with a complete psycho.  Kurt and I nicknamed her Alpha Charlie - her initials - not sure exactly why but the nickname stuck, and I guess that makes us complete geeks.

Anyway, as she proved herself entirely batty and downright verbally abusive, I moved house.  As I have mentioned previously, many times.

And although I was told by a few people that I wasn't the only roommate she had treated this way, I did wonder whether I had contributed to the disaster in some way, and whether I could have done anything differently.

So, although it does seem a little mean, I was actually happy to hear this morning that she has already (after about 3 - 4 months) fallen out with the next housemate and booted him out of the house - and this is someone she has been friends with for 12 years!  Apparently it degenerated to only communicating via text and email, and then he came out of his room one day to see a note telling him to move out.  And even though I'm not sure I should be, it makes me feel happy inside because, you know, it wasn't me.  Well of course, I know really it wasn't me, but my subconscious... well sometimes it says maybe it was you.  Or at least, it used to.

So now, I wish this guy the best of luck in finding somewhere else to live, and I wish it hadn't ended like that but... I'm sorry mate but ... it wasn't me.

Oh and, here's a picture of a runway.

And some smoke.  Because the firies (for all non-Australian, firies = firefighters) were out playing... with fire, surprisingly.  And the smoke kept alternatin white and grey, a bit like the piano keys on the runway, so I took a photo.

Oh and we hit a bug at 3,000' that splattered onto the windscreen a splat about 8 inches which was cool and I don't know what sort of bug it was because it was a little unrecognisable which is what happens when you hit an ATR travelling at 230kts in the opposite direction.

And I don't have a picture of the splat.  So sorry.  

So instead, here is a picture of how hot it was in the flightdeck this morning - 32ish degrees.

You're welcome.

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