Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So much to blog about, and so little time.

Let's see...

I got up at 0600 to help Kurt move house... endless, endless boxes up and down stairs... *dies*

This took until about 1200.  Then his new fridge and washer arrived, and while the instally-people worked on that, it started to storm.

As in lightning, thunder, torrential rain, you name it, Queensland's got it.

However, it didn't seem all that windy.

Until we got back to my house.

oh and did I mention that is my new teak desk which now has wet in the seams?  It will never be the same again.

So unimpressed.

Kurt was amazing and cleaned up the mess upstairs for me - ie wringing a large quantity of water out of the curtains, carpet, and God knows how much mud off the model airplanes.  Yes, that's right, people, mud.  Either it was raining mud, or else the fly-screens are so disgustingly dirty that they transformed the rain into mud.  I'm not sure which one to go for...

Also, I left the gas on this morning... that was nice to come home to.  We have a very dodgy gas stove on which only 2 flints work - so to turn on 1 hob, you have to use 2 knobs... and it is oh so easy to leave the second one happily running out gas... scary yes I know.  And this is the second time I've done it, although the first time we (okay, Kurt) picked up on it.

And the rain water tank has sprung a leak so the front of the house is flooded.  Happily the house is raised on concrete slabby things so it's only flooded outside.  Although upstairs is rather damp due to the windows being open.  To do myself justice, I must explain that it doesn't usually storm this early in the day - at least, not at this time of year (or at least this is the first this year).

The plumber has come around and says we need a new tank, mate.  This one's ****ed, mate.  Sorry, mate, there's nothing I can do, can't fix it, mate.  As they do, in Australia.

So anyway.

Busy day and it is only 1330 and I'm STARVING so goodbye !!!!

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