Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sydney revisited

I'm so sorry, people, that it has taken me this long to get around to posting pictures of our trip to Sydney, but here I am, and better late than never!

Bondi beach was lovely, but even though a major tourist attraction, it was not as nice as all the amazing beaches we have up in Queensland.  I already knew that of course, having visited it previously, but as I said to Kurt, the Bondi lifeguards are SO much hotter than the ones up in Queensland...

Yes, I have watched all eight seasons of Bondi Rescue.  I am that sad.

And yes, someone brought a paddling pool to the beach for their small child.

And here's me... wrapped in my favourite beach towel from Noosa and looking not a little foolish.  Just to prove that I was really there.

There is a skateboard park at the beach, there is in fact one of these at most beaches and parks in Australia, which I think is cool.  This was some eight year old kid who was skating rings around everyone else.

The beach from above.

Off for dinner, we had to wait an hour for a table - what better opportunity to get a couple of cocktails? The one on the left is a salted caramel martini (which was amazing) and on the right some sort of lemon/cointreau/apricot liquer creation.  Also very good.

We even found a British SWEET Shop - I did complain that they called it a Lolly shop and the shop assistant snapped back that "Australians would not understand what sweets are".  Kurt objected to this and said that yes they would, so we had to end that conversation fairly quickly...

I introduced him to blackjacks (he refused to try), fruit salads, drumsticks, and many other of my childhood favourites.  Unfortunately no sherbet fountains.

We then walked slowly back to the hotel via the Westfield Tower, from which we could see all of Sydney, but unfortunately there were a ridiculously large number of lights on so everything had a reflection and also there were many grubby finger prints on the glass, so it wasn't a great experience for $26 each !

I couldn't take any photos from the tower - I did, but they're useless - due to the above, so have settled for one from the bridge in Darling Harbour:

And that was Day 1 !

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