Sunday, November 17, 2013

The crazy week continues

Well, after a week of storms, they show no sign of abating, although the forecast for tomorrow is better.  This morning, flying out of Gladstone, there was plenty of lightning and a good bit of edging between cells to be done, although the weather got better the closer we got to Brisbane.

This afternoon, it's a different story.  We must have spent between an hour and two hours simply standing at the upstairs window watching this roll cloud.

It started pretty straight north to south, with showers clearly seen behind, and great jagged forks of lightning and incredibly loud thunder accompanying it.  Then it started twisting from the middle, with the southern end staying fairly constant and the northern end visibly twisting to the east.

Here is the radar view  of the roll cloud.  We are almost at the top of the north-western middle circle... between Boondall and Brisbane Ap. 

Apparently down south in Coolangatta area there was hail the size of golf-balls.  Here, however, it was maybe 4mm.

The northern end of the roll cloud twisting towards the east

It started raining and hailing viciously, and then as soon as it started, it stopped, the sun came out, and we were treated to this double rainbow silhuetted against the dark of the receding storm.

Lightning through the rainbow

Aaand some more - my iphone couldn't cope with the brightness of this fork - sorry about that !

The good news is that the garden is unscathed and it also won't need watering tonight !!!

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