Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days of Writing: Day 5

I think I should retitle this series 31 Days of Writing Minus The Days That I Forget.

That would make this -2.

Yesterday was pretty full with a cousin's wedding - so no room for blogging... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  It was a beautiful wedding, but very strange to be watching another couple get married so soon after our own... so many memories!  It was different in many ways, and I am happy to report that despite all of the changes the weather threw on us, I wouldn't change a thing about our special day! 

We stayed the night up in Bribie with the in-laws, and had an easy-going morning there before coming back down to Brisbane at lunch time.

Bribie Island is about a 50 minutes' drive north of Brisbane, which to me would make it "up".  However everyone seems to refer to it as going "down" to Bribie and "up" to Brisbane, which I find very confusing.  Must be something to do with the Southern Hemisphere and standing on their heads for so long.

Tomorrow I am on reserve and have lots of plans for it.  Of course, we aren't supposed to make plans while on reserve, for obvious reasons, but I prefer to be thoroughly disappointed by the ruin of my day when I get called in to work...  So far, our plans involve archery, visiting Grandma, and writing thank-you cards. 

One, two, or maybe even three of this to-do list will be completed, depending on motivation and levels of procrastination in the morning!

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