Friday, October 10, 2014

Yesterday, we went up the coast to visit Kurt's cousin, for dinner.  She is a chef and lives in Broome, and had arranged a night of seafood.  When I heard this... I have to say I became quite apprehensive.  Apprehensive to the extent that it made me quite nauseous!  

I enjoyed the fish course, I was not 100% certain how I felt about the gravlax, and I was brave enough to try the scallops and the prawns.  

I thing was, they didn't taste all that bad. Actually, I'm not quite sure what they tasted of, as the overriding sensation was fear.  Completely irrational, of course, and I am glad I tried it - but even if it was not objectionable, I am not sure it is something I could ever enjoy.

The dessert was creme brulee , one of Kurt's favourites, and as his cousin already knew I wasn't a massive fan, I had chocolate chip icecream and a large amount of toffee - a very satisfactory finish to the meal!

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