Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I don't think I ever mentioned that the Waikiki meatballs and chicken curry went down well.  The meatballs are long gone and the curry is following on its heels.  I suppose that means I need to cook something else. 

I'm on reserve this morning... my calendar shows me that they are going to call me, but they haven't yet.  They are pushing it because they appear to want me to sign on at 0940, and with a 2 hour callout, they should have called me 30 minutes ago!  Not My Problem.

I've finally sorted out my passport application to change to my married name (eek) and will mail that off this morning.  One tiny step for mankind one giant leap for Kate?  I'm not sure how that one goes...

I don't really have anything to say this morning but am bravely writing a blogpost to say nothing anyway, as I said that I would.

Maybe after flying today (if they ever call me), I'll have some more aerial photos to bore you with.

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  1. Keep those posts coming even if you're saying next to nothing - and more aerial pics too please! Not sure about meatballs personally - I can never understand why the need to roll the minced meat into tight balls, as it tastes nicer not rolled. IMHO.