Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I just ran for 10 minutes (1.83km)
cycled for 10 minutes (5km)
and rowed for 10 minutes (2046m)
which is hardly a triathlon (besides, I didn't want to get wet), but it was tough anyway.

This whole getting fit thing sucks sometimes.  After a work out, the aches and the tired and the I've-worked-really-hard feeling is really good, but pre workiut? During??  No, thank you very much.  The getting one's self out of bed to drag oneself to the gym?  Urgh!!  And then usually at the 5 minute mark where it all looks horribly uphill... can I stop now?

the thing is, it allows me to eat chocolate croissants... and chocolate... and KFC... and all the other healthy things I want to include in my life.

So as far as a weight-loss tool, it doesn't really work, but as a 'dont end up looking like a whale' tool it is doing a fairly good job.
And whoever said that girls dont sweat, they 'perpire' - whatever, folks, they made that up.

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  1. Go girl! Eventually you will reach the state where (sometimes) running can actually be super pleasurable, give you a "high". And yes, a can of Coke gives you enough energy to do 4 miles, so they say, so KFC might take you about 70 miles!