Friday, October 3, 2014

31 days of writing: Running

I've started running, in a bid to get fit.  Strange, I know, but when running up 3 flights of stairs leaves you puffed, you know it's time to change things.

Pre-wedding, we (Kurt) decided to enter us in the Bridge to Brisbane 10k fun run. The plan was to train for a few weeks - he did, but I didn't, as the running combined with pre-wedding stress made my neck sore.

So the Bridge to Brisbane came, and we ran it, with a little walking (8.4k running) and finished with a respectable time of 1h14.

I then hurt my foot due to having started running too much too soon, so had to stop for a couple of weeks - and have now been trying to get back in to it.  The goal is to run every other day, at least 3km.  Yesterday I really pushed myself and managed 3k in 16'10" - with a best time of 5'14" for the third kilometer.  Woohoo!


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