Sunday, October 5, 2014

Today is Labour day, which means that almost every shop in Queensland is closed... except for DFO at the Airport.  Apparently everyone in the state had the idea of going shopping at DFO today, because it was ridiculously crowded.  Unfortunately, I had made the decision that I was going to cook today, and not having all of the ingredients I needed, DFO's madness was braved.

Waikiki meatballs are made and ready for dinner tonight, and chicken curry is reducing on the stove for tomorrow's meals.  I feel so accomplished.  Okay, not 100% accomplished, as I haven't cleaned the kitchen up yet... and I think I am possibly the messiest cook ever.

Kurt is at work, so that is somewhat of a license to be an even more messy cook than usual... but it will be cleaned up before he gets home!  (And he is probably reading this anyway, hehe)

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