Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Writing : Wedding

What a big topic, although one would think it would be exhausted by now.

In the months leading up to the wedding, we put many things off, deciding to do them post-wedding.  Dinner dates were postponed, archery went on the back burner, and we didn't rock climb for weeks. 

When we got married, it was like everyone got the idea all at the same time that we now had plenty of free time, so all of our days off in the last 5 weeks have been filled with catch-up.  Catch up and moving house, and we're only 3 months late on our tax returns so far...

Tomorrow, Kurt's cousin is getting married, and I really feel for her!  I can remember the excitement mingled with fear and uncertainty in the days leading up to the wedding, and my relief when the day finally arrived.  Six weeks later, I hardly feel ready for another wedding - even though it's not mine this time!

We still haven't quite moved out of the old house in Banyo - the last of the furniture is listed on Gumtree, with a few items to move across to the apartment next weekend.  

And then I think we run out of excuses not to have our friends around (cue lots of cleaning...)

By Christmas, maybe some actual days off? :)

Bribie Island on fire near Kurt's parents' suburb

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