Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More groundschool

More groundschool, and yet more groundschool again.  Learning how to use FOS tables entirely differently from how I thought they would be used.  Strangely enough, the ATR groundschool instructor (who was observing) also found it different and did not exactly agree with using the F50 method on the AT72... ah well!

We got performance, cold weather operations, PRM ILS and fuel calculations out of the way.  Don't ask - I don't know the answers!  Tomorrow I think we are doing some CBT (computer based training) and loadsheets, and then the next day will be SOPs.  Right now I should be reading what they call the FOPPT, I don't know what this stands for, but it's a document about 800 pages long.  I don't think I'll get very far tonight - maybe a page or two?!

I shall leave you all with a picture of my father aged fairly young, which I swiped from Somewhere.  


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